In the world of fashion, there exists a story that beautifully encapsulates the transformative power of personal passion and global influence. It begins with Jessica Xu, whose love affair with Australian designer brands ignited during her university years. Names like Sass&Bide, Zimmermann, and Alice Mccall became more than just labels; they became a part of her identity, and her journey was only just beginning.

Jessica had a unique way of blending her fascination for Australian fashion with her love for travel and photography. She would don these exquisite garments and set out to explore the world, capturing breathtaking moments that became her life's masterpiece. Those who followed her adventures, from various corners of the globe, were drawn to her impeccable style. They began to inquire about the brands she wore, leading to a revelation – Australia is not only about beach, sun shine and wildlife; it was also home to a thriving community of fashion designers.

In the year 2016, fueled by her passion and driven by a desire to share Australia's fashion gems with the world, Jessica founded Olastage. She became the discerning eye, curating a selection of Australian designer brands for international customers. Olastage wasn't just an online store; it was a bridge connecting fashion enthusiasts worldwide to the essence of Australian design.

As time went by, the world witnessed the rise of China's live-streamed e-commerce phenomenon. Olastage adapted to this trend, using live broadcasts as an efficient means to introduce Australian local brands to a global audience. By 2023, hundreds of thousands of Australian designer pieces had found homes in the wardrobes of fashion lovers worldwide. Olastage had established partnerships with nearly all of Australia's renowned brands, cementing its place as a beacon for Australian fashion abroad.

In 2023, Olastage decided it was time to evolve. We launched our own physical stores and created own brand in Australia. Having witnessed the entire spectrum of Australia's fashion history and the ebb and flow of various brands, we had developed an intimate understanding of global customers' needs. We believed in our aesthetic sensibility and refused to remain hidden in the shadows.

Today, Olastage stands as a testament to Jessica's enduring passion, an embodiment of Australian fashion, and a symbol of unwavering commitment. From discovery to creation, Olastage continues to pave the way for Australian fashion to shine on the global stage, because some stories are too unique, too authentic, and too impactful to be overlooked.